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Glass Candy Jars Wholesale

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  • Glass Candy is an American indie electronic band from Portland, Oregon that formed in 1996. The band consists of female vocalist Ida No and guitarist/synthesist/general producer Johnny Jewel.


  • sell in large quantities
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  • The selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others
  • at a wholesale price; “I can sell it to you wholesale”


  • A wide-mouthed, cylindrical container made of glass or pottery, esp. one used for storing food
  • The contents of such a container
  • (jar) clash: be incompatible; be or come into conflict; “These colors clash”
  • (jar) a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
  • (jar) jolt: move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion

glass candy jars wholesale

glass candy jars wholesale – Beatbox

Italians Do It Better are killing it right now with the releases, and this one is no exception. “Beatbox” features 9 icy smooth disco-pop tracks from the power duo of Glass Candy (Johnny Jewel is on production duty lacing the retro-future synth driven beats up proper while Ida No serves up the sexy smooth vox like no other). If you liked their stuff on “After Dark” or picked up the Miss Broadway 12″ you pretty much need to get this one too. Checkout their fantastic cover of the Kraftwerk classic “Computer Love,” sweet and funky soul on “Rolling Down Hills,” modern italo action on “Digital Versicolor,” and the future-pop gems “Etheric Device” and “Beatific.” Excellente! Recommended for sure.


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Glass Candy

Glass Candy
Glass Candy

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